About The Walking Podiatrist

Seleisa Duddy

I have always been fascinated with feet and how they support our bodies as we move. My mission is to have EVERYONE WALKING: pain-free, with good body alignment and more often.

I believe that understanding the unique design of our feet and legs teaches us how to improve our walking and moving capabilities, which leads to increased health benefits and longevity.

My academic qualifications began with a Bachelor of Nursing in 1997, and I continued my education by completing a Bachelor of Applied Science – Podiatry in 2006, both from the University of Western Sydney. I have lived on the Central Coast since 2000 and I love the beauty and opportunities to enjoy the outdoors this area offers.

I began my podiatry profession working in a private practice for two years, before branching into my own private practice in collaboration with the Kariong Medical Centre, Renwick Street Medical and General Practice at Wyoming and Lisarow Physiotherapy. I am also the resident podiatrist for Wood Glen Retirement Village and Pine Needles Village, an over 55s lifestyle estate.

I have extensive experience in all areas of podiatry including diabetes, ulcers, orthotics, footwear, ingrown nails, nail surgery and biomechanics.

I have recently become a certified CPT-Restorative Exercise Specialist from Nutritious Movement®, having completed 2 years of additional training focused on body biomechanics, especially the alignment of the body from the feet upwards. This training has been invaluable in providing additional skills and knowledge to assist in alleviating foot pain for many of my clients.

From my years of practice I have observed that healthy, well-aligned feet results in improved lower limb strength and control, greater balance and enhanced body movement. These simple yet corrective changes can lead to an overall sense of health, well-being and confidence to be active in social and work life. I have a strong focus on health promotion and preventive methods in teaching and practicing foot care for everyone’s feet.

I am the WALKING PODIATRIST and my mission is to teach people how to stay on their feet and to keep WALKING well for longer.